Geelong Wart Clinic

Fast and effective wart removal in Geelong for your hands and feet.

The days of painful, messy, and ineffective wart treatments are gone. The Geelong Wart Clinic is using a revolutionary new microwave technology developed by Swift™ to quickly remove those stubborn warts.

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What to expect

How does wart treatment work?


During your first treatment, the clinician may lightly smooth any overlying callus from your wart before applying 3-5 two second treatments.


Your second treatment will usually occur 4 weeks later. We will provide advice on what to expect, but clients report a similar sensation to their 1st treatment.


Your third appointment will usually be your last treatment appointment, although your clinician will provide specific advice based on your individual condition.

How does it work?

Frequently asked questions

As with most treatments for skin lesions, there can be some minor discomfort. Although pain sensitivity will vary from person to person, most people receiving treatment describe a sudden warming sensation that lasts for about one second and then almost immediately subsides. There is minimal to no discomfort felt after the treatment.

Swift™ treatment should not limit or prevent you from undertaking your normal daily activities. There are also no dressings/bandages.

$70 consultation and $130 for the Swift™ treatment. You can ask your GP for a care plan that can allow Medicare to contribute $53.80 towards the consultation fee. Your health fund may contribute to the cost of both the consultation and the Swift™ treatment.